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GRIM001 - White Buffalo Woman 7″ Record – White Vinyl Release (80 copies)

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White Buffalo Woman

Debut 7" Vinyl Release

GRIM001 - Grimtale Records 1st release

Limited release of 80 copies on White Vinyl


Described by some as Funeral Home Rock, White Buffalo Woman, comprised of Evan Rutledge (Vocals/Tambo), Adam Murphy (Guitar/Organ), Ben Stimmel (Bass) and Joe Gotschall( Drums) fuse rock, blues, psychedelic, soul and punk into an explosion of new music.

Opening for acts including Dex Romweber, Dan Sartain and James Leg (of the Black Diamond Heavies), White Buffalo Woman is a serious up and coming force not to be missed.

White Buffalo Woman started in Minerva Ohio in Drummer Joe Gotschall’s basement below their family run Funeral Home. All four members graduated from the same High School and slowly started playing music with one another until the band formed in 2010. Playing two annual Vault parties in Nashville inspired conversations about putting out a 7" record with a yet unformed label.

Two great songs of theirs are now here on vinyl via Grimtale Record's debut release. Both "My Days" and "This Town" reach deep into the bluesy soul of the band to give you a glimpse of what they are all about...