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GRIM006 - Low Cut Connie 7″ – Regular Release – (120 copies)

Sold out.

Low Cut Connie - Live at World Cafe

GRIM006 Regular Release - Cream Colored Vinyl

Limited release of 120


This is the Regular edition pressing on Cream colored vinyl.  There will only be one pressing of these so when they are gone, they are gone.


Low Cut Connie:

Low Cut Connie has made a name for themselves blowin up dive bars across America.  Their single, "Boozophilia" (from 2012's album Call Me Sylvia) documents these low-brow, low-rent, low-cut places where the boys have honed their salacious craft.  So when the renowned NPR show "World Cafe with David Dye" called and asked them to do a live session at WXPN in Philadelphia, the boys decided to wheel their monkey shit junker piano into the studio and turn the studios into the saltiest dive bar in town.  Blasting out with "Boozophilia" and their raging ode to hormones and fast cars, "Brand New Cadillac", Low Cut Connie took over the NPR airwaves and made a big sexy splash.  Many thanks to Grimtale Records for having the good sense to release these hot tracks for all the smart vinyl lovers to enjoy.