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GRIM009 - Joel Monroe 7″ – Raw Series Intro - Subscription Variant Release (RED) – (25 copies)

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Here we go, the inaugural release of our new Raw Series

The raw series was conceived as the result of several bands that we were interested in releasing not being able to provide high quality studio recordings and thus not ever materializing.  Its more about the concept of the buyer being ok with less than perfect audio recordings and something a little more RAW in nature.  And at the same time, It's about exposing some new and inspiring talent that otherwise may not have made it due to limits outside their control.  I'll likely go low budget on future Raw Series releases, but for this initial release, we went all out.  Enjoy!

Joel Monroe - Box Elder 7"
GRIM009   ??? Colored Vinyl

Limited release of 25  ONE PER HOUSEHOLD (order more and I cancel em both)

This is the variant edition pressing on ??? colored vinyl.  


Joel Monroe grew up in the small town of Leon, Iowa.  He started playing guitar at age 12 and writing original songs by age 16.  Without many musical opportunities in the town of Leon, Joel performed around the downtown parts of Des Moines, the Iowa capital.  Seldom could Monroe find musicians to accompany him in his musical work. Therefore, he had no other choice but to turn to his drum machine now known as, "Gene The Machine."  After writing 10 raw bitten songs, Monroe recorded in a 10x7 ft. room, and thus Joel's first album, "Box Elder," was born.
This 45 contains two singles from "Box Elder"

Special Thanks to:
Dylan Monroe