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GRIM003 - Henry & June 7″ – Coinflip Variant Colored Vinyl – (20 copies)

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Grimtale Records and Danger Limited Sound

Henry & June
GRIM003 Variant

Limited release of 20

These variants are going to be special.  Most likely something you have never seen done on vinyl before. Only 30 pressed by hand due to the special process involved.  (other 10 go to the band, the label archives, contest)

A little more info on the variant:


While I can't say it has never been done before for sure, it is a new process that someone on 2nd shift over at Gotta Groove invented while playing around at night.

I just happened to be having a conversation with Matt over there about wanting to do something unique and he mentioned this new process they were working on perfecting.

The process yields a two sided record. One side a different color from the other and all things in between as the two sides melt together. 

A note from GG on how they do it:

"Basically, we take random color records which were rejected for a variety of reasons and break them apart. We place them into the press with a varying number of other broken up pieces and close the press manually. When it comes out of the press, it is a completely random colored (each side different from the other) playable record!"

What I think is really cool is the fact you are listening to a record that was originally pressed as two other records, so basically it has been reincarnated into a new (and better) life.

I love the name "reincarnated record" for the official name of this variant.

What's really cool is the fact that all 30 of them are unique so this should be worthy of a blog thread just showing all the craziness that was produced. I can tell you after looking at all of them that they range from "very cool" to "holy mother of all things vinyl" and all things in between. No two are alike, that is for sure. 


This very special release is a 7" Henry & June live record.  

Side A (DLSRC009) will be a groovy Stones cover by Henry & June recorded live at the Mercy Lounge, Nashville TN 05.29.2011 (2nd Vault Party).  So for those that attended, this will be a must have!!!  This song is not on any previous Henry & June recordings.  

Side B (GRIM003) This song was recorded live at the Magic Stick, Detroit MI on 02.11.2011.

Anyone wanting to learn more about Henry & June, here is a great article about them