Grimtale Records

GTR Logo - Stained Glass Figure

Sold out.

A sunny piece for shady people…

We have a limited work of Grim art up for grabs. This time it’s a handmade piece of stained glass crafted by a local artist, Kay Zimmerman. Kay does one of a kind creations of absolutely amazing work. Unfortunately she’s recently fallen on hard times financially, so we’ve commissioned these as a way to help her out. All proceeds go directly to the artist.

Each piece hand numbered and signed by Kay.  Comes in a custom Grim bag made just for these.

Limited edition of 10. 
Measuring 4.5” x 2.5”.

The craftsmanship of these is quite amazing, a very high quality collectible.

I realize this type thing may not be for everyone but some people enjoy limited collectibles.  This is a one time deal, when they are gone, they are gone...

Thanks to Kay Zimmerman & Matt Hearp for making this all happen!