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Grimtale Records Mousepad - One Time Edition of 30

Sold out.

This is a one time edition of 30

As you know, everything I do will always be limited, it's part of the game I play...

However, I wanted to make these accessible enough that people could proudly own them.

  • 9.25" x 7.75" – Perfect for any desk or work space.
  • Quality, full-color printing.
  • Durable cloth cover is dust and stain resistant.
  • Non-slip backing.

I don't really intend for these to be collectors items, more to be used but you never know what will be worth something one day...

I'm actually pressing 35.  One for each of my three children's stashes, one for me, and one for the archive, 30 for you...


Get one while you can.  Display your love for the label right beside where you sit and F5...


These are still being pressed, product to ship in 1-2 weeks.