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GRIM028 - White Buffalo Woman LP Executive Pre-Sale Bundle

Sold out.

White Buffalo Woman S/T LP

GRIM028 Executive Pre-Sale Bundle (Limited to 10)

Limited Pre-Sale Bundle that includes:

1 - Regular Copy (black vinyl)

1 - Variant Copy (white vinyl edition)

1 - Hand Painted Cover Edition (splatter vinyl with hand done cover)

1 - Test Pressing

AND !!!!

1 - In an effort to raise some funds for the band and their touring, you will get (1) entry into a drawing that will take place on 2/28 to win an ultra rare copy of one of the original Hand Painted White Buffalo Woman GRIM001 (5 total exist).  Please see pics below, first time this has ever been shown.  There are 5 total, all spirit animal versions of the band members, each meticulously hand painted by Doug Granger, artist who developed our custom GrimFont.  I've heard of one of these trading hands close to $1000 before...  This is your only opportunity to get entry into this drawing by purchasing one of these Executive Pre-Sale Bundles.


This is White Buffalo Woman's debut LP.  It's getting a lot of popularity on Spotify these days so we're hoping they break into the big time and these little indie records become treasures to be had.

A: Side
Find My Love 2:36
Baby Please 3:44
Like You Used To Do 3:44
You Will See 2:17
On My Own 4:13

B: Side
Green Vine 3:11
She's Gone 2:16
I Can't Let You Go 3:59
Darrell's Blues (Wanna Fight) 3:35
Always on My Mind 3:55