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GRIM025 - Darcy Clay - Test Pressing

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Darcy Clay

GRIM025 Test Pressing 7" (45) 

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Introducing the one and only Kiwi king of lo-fi country-punk! New Zealand's own... Darcy Clay!

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Darcy earned his place in outsider rock lore in 1997 with only 6 songs, recorded in his bedroom to 4-track cassette tape. With catchy dirtier-than-dirt guitar riffs and a punch-drunk attitude, the breakout track "Jesus I Was Evil" is about as close to lo-fi perfection you'll ever experience. The tune climbed higher than anyone could've expected, improbably reaching #5 on New Zealand's top singles chart and catapulting the EP to gold status (more than 7500 copies sold).
Unfortunately Darcy's output is painfully sparse and we'll never know what might have been. In 1998, after a year of one amazing turn after another, he unexpectedly took his own life. He was suddenly gone, leaving us with only the 6 track EP, a handful of live recordings and the memory of one of the most fascinating young voices in rock history. He was truly ahead of his time.
We're proud to continue his story here in America with two tracks from his fabled EP. The funky-synth lo-fi masterpiece "Jesus I Was Evil" and a truly punk cover of Dolly Parton's "Jolene" (recorded years before the White Stripes even existed). Tell your friends. Tell your enemies. Tell everyone. Darcy Clay has arrived stateside.