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GRIM024 - JUICE - Regular Release 7" EP (100 Copies)

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GRIM024 Regular Release 7" EP (45) 

This bundle contains one regular release. Limited to 100 copies sold online. 

Note: This is a pre-sale, item will ship in 1-3 weeks.

There will only be one pressing of these so when they are gone, they are gone.

Juice is an aggressive Pop-Punk band from Indianapolis, IN. Juice started in 2012 just playing cover shows for their friends and at school events. In the fall of 2013, they wanted to change that. They wrote 5 songs and went to a studio and self-release the EP. They started booking their own shows around the state of Indiana. Since fall of 2013, they put out another LP, did a self-booked 12 day tour, another 4 day weekend run and is now putting out their self-titled EP. This album was record and mixed at the legendary Pop Machine in Indianapolis and was produced by Marc Johnson. The songs were mastered by Andy Van Dette who was worked with bands such as Rush, Deep Purple, Simple Plan, Breathe Carolina and many more.

Grimtale Records brings you their latest slab of wax as a 4 song EP.