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GRIM022 - Cody J. Martin - Variant Release

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Cody J. Martin

GRIM022 Variant Release - Includes a Variant copy

Limited release of 30 (ONE PER HOUSEHOLD)


1 - Variant edition pressing on special color vinyl and with a unique cover.  


There will only be one pressing of these so when they are gone, they are gone.


Cody J. Martin:

At this moment in time, Cody J. Martin is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Northeast Ohio. He has been writing and performing locally since 2011 and as recently as this past January, released his first album entitled "Somewhere You'd Rather Be" to a crowd of over 250 people in Canton, Ohio.

Closely identifying with the primal quality of traditional folk, blues and country music, Martin develops his songs to have a raw, homespun atmosphere. Add on top of that a love for surreal wordplay and you have yourself something close to a definition of his sound.

The songs featured on this 7" release are entitled "All Roads Lead to War" and "Early Days of June". The former is a selection from Martin's aforementioned album while the latter is a unique, complementary b-side.

With a lot behind him and even much more ahead, Martin is featured for the first time on vinyl here through this Grimtale Records release.

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