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GRIM017 - Caspar Babypants – Signed Variant #1 Release – (40 copies)

Sold out.

Caspar Babypants

GRIM017 Variant #1 Release - on Secret Crazy Formula Vinyl  - Signed in a limited variant cover

Limited release of 40 (ONE PER HOUSEHOLD)


This is the Variant edition pressing on secret crazy formula colored vinyl.  

There will only be one pressing of these so when they are gone, they are gone.



CASPAR BABYPANTS is Chris Ballew from the Presidents of the United States of America making high quality intelligent simple acoustic music for kids and thier parents to enjoy together.  
Some of the world knows him as Chris Ballew, the lead singer and songwriter for The Presidents of the United States of America, a rock and roll band that sings about a frog, a kitty, a dune buggy, peaches and a lump.

These days he is making music for babies and their parents and in doing so has found a musical expression that truly feels comfortable and natural. Chris looks forward to a long carrer as CASPAR BABYPANTS when he isn't acting as one of the Presidents :-)