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GRIM014 - Cactus Black - Variant Bundle 7" – (40 copies)

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Cactus Black

GRIM013 Variant Bundle 7" (45) - Record will ship mid-Dec.


This bundle contains a limited variant edition as well as a regular edition copy. Limited to 40 copies sold online. 

Variant covers were designed by BOMB!, modeled after the iconic Underdog Records show poster.

(note: this variant is not the in-store only edition, those were only available via pre-order at the show)

There will only be one pressing of these so when they are gone, they are gone.


Cactus Black Bio:

Clay Blackwell, also known as Cactus Black, is what some lawmen might call a fugitive. A little while back, ol' Cactus took to the road for preservation of his own life. Back in Las Cruces, his old hometown, he took the life of a man that he found in bed with his wife. Unfortunately, that man turned out to be the sheriff's only son, so Cactus took to the road. Along the way, he picked up a couple fellow ramblers, Randy Heck and Sunday the Drifter, who have done a fine job playing accomplice to the sound. Their songs contain a healthy mix of storytelling, desert punk, whiskey folk and good, old fashioned howling at the moon.

Circles in the Sand is a song about how inaction can ultimately lead to your demise.

Ramblin’ Man is a tune by kindred spirit who also occasionally went by the alias Luke the Drifter. Most folks called him Hank though.
A: Circles In The Sand
B: Ramblin' Man (Hank)
The Band:
Cactus Black - Guitars, VOX
Randy Heck - Bass
Sunday the Drifter - Drums

Recorded by Allen Laws at Brookstown Recording Studio.