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GRIM013 - The Potions - Regular Release EP – (90 copies)

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The Potions

GRIM013 Regular Release EP (4 songs)


Regular edition pressing on devil red swirl vinyl and a cover reflective of the band's history.

There will only be one pressing of these so when they are gone, they are gone.


The Potions as re-imagined by David Morrison:

The origins of the Potions are lost in mists of time. It grew out of a collection of our friends who jammed together in the Herb Garden,various basements and Spanky's dead Grandmothers house. Really basic stuff with us just making up obscene stories on the spot. We started saying why not do it on a stage, so we booked a show at the Blind Pig(ann arbor). It was Me and D.Braun and nobody else showed up,so we called out to the audience for a drummer. Chris Collins(the baby killers and cobra youth) just happened to be out there in the darkness and volunteered, which set the modal for all future shows and the guiding philosophy of all the groups that came out of it, Crash and Burn Improv. Anybody could play with us you just had to show up. D.Braun would improvise lyrics and play really simple stuff and I would respond with some other craziness and do little licks. We had so much fun that its still going on to this day. Along the way we picked up all kinds of people.
This recording represents a very special time in our history when we (D.Braun,Nick Ruest,Johnny ill our drummer and I) attempted to be a really square band. It was the most functional group to that date,we had songs and we were all in the same building called the Lifton were X records was recording. The Lifton was at 3rd and Blaine in the ghetto, it was truly insane. We partied 24 hours a day and played all kinds of fucked up places. We were the drunkest band in Detroit at that time,our entourage were known as the Hack and Slanders and we lived up to it. Some time in April of 2005 we got together with our friend and sometime keyboardist Chris Todd and recorded this Demo. We just gave it away at shows and then disintegrated thanks to crack,heroine and a grand jury trial. We've reformed so many times it's a joke. Every show is always the last show.

David "el bob" Morrison -guitar and vocals
Daniel "dresden" Braun -guitar and venimous hatred
Johnny"ill" Garcia -drums
Nick"ernesto" Ruest -bass
Chris Todd- recording engineer and human volcano
Andrew J. Wooley- spiritual guidance