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GRIM012 - The ILL Itches – Regular Release – (120 copies)

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The ILL Itches

GRIM012 Regular Release - Blood Red Vinyl

Limited release of 120 (ONE PER HOUSEHOLD)


This is the Regular edition pressing on blood red colored vinyl.  

There will only be one pressing of these so when they are gone, they are gone.


The ILL Itches:

The ILL Itches are a dead flower punk band from Detroit. But how do you describe dead flower punk?
Well, you could start by imagining the The ILL Itches’ sound as, say, a tract of arable land. This magnificent horticultural expanse would be sown with choice seeds, like rapid tempos and a delightfully raunchy wit. But unlike The Black Lips, The Orwells & other avowed “flower punk” rockers, this Detroit-based quartet also augments their roots with a scalding nectar of Stooges & MC5-inspired Motor City protopunk – along with a potent sprinkling of funk. Soon, their sound is in full bloom. And it’s pretty. Until, of course, it gets plucked from the ground. And dies…