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GRIM012 - The ILL Itches – 3D Variant Release – (30 copies)

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The ILL Itches

GRIM012 Variant Release - Special 3D Cover, Pinwheel Vinyl, & 3D Glasses Insert, the better to see you with...

Limited release of 30 (ONE PER HOUSEHOLD)


This is the Variant edition pressing on pinwheel vinyl.  Awesome custom designed 3D cover and a special set of 3D glasses included. There will only be one pressing of these so when they are gone, they are gone.


The ILL Itches:

The ILL Itches are a dead flower punk band from Detroit. But how do you describe dead flower punk?
Well, you could start by imagining the The ILL Itches’ sound as, say, a tract of arable land. This magnificent horticultural expanse would be sown with choice seeds, like rapid tempos and a delightfully raunchy wit. But unlike The Black Lips, The Orwells & other avowed “flower punk” rockers, this Detroit-based quartet also augments their roots with a scalding nectar of Stooges & MC5-inspired Motor City protopunk – along with a potent sprinkling of funk. Soon, their sound is in full bloom. And it’s pretty. Until, of course, it gets plucked from the ground. And dies…