Grimtale Records

Glow In The Dark Slipmat - Limited & Numbered to 15.

Sold out.

This is a one shot deal, I had a batch of these custom made for RSD2013.

As you know, everything I do will always be limited, it's part of the game I play...

They are made of a nice thick soft white felt.  The lettering and graphic are dyed into the felt so the paint doesn't sit on top of the slipmat like many I've seen lately, which really aren't kind to your records.  A 15 minute charge is supposed to glow for up to 7 hours.  

They truely are amazing to see in person.  This pic really doesn't do the glow justice.

I will number the back of these 1-15 / 15.  Get one now or never!

These will go on sale Friday 4/19 at 11:00pm EST.