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GRIM028 - White Buffalo Woman LP Reg & Variant Pre-Sale Bundle

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White Buffalo Woman S/T LP

GRIM028 Regular & Variant Pre-Sale Bundle (Limited to 15 for the Valentines Sale)

Limited Pre-Sale Bundle that includes:

1 - Regular Copy (black vinyl)

1 - Variant Copy (white vinyl edition)


This is White Buffalo Woman's debut LP.  It's getting a lot of popularity on Spotify these days so we're hoping they break into the big time and these little indie records become treasures to be had.

A: Side
Find My Love 2:36
Baby Please 3:44
Like You Used To Do 3:44
You Will See 2:17
On My Own 4:13

B: Side
Green Vine 3:11
She's Gone 2:16
I Can't Let You Go 3:59
Darrell's Blues (Wanna Fight) 3:35
Always on My Mind 3:55