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GRIM008 - Andy Powder & The Drips 7″ – Regular Variant Release – (25 copies)

Sold out.

It is our pleasure to present...

Andy Powder & The Drips
GRIM008 Neon Green & Pink Concoction

Limited release of 25  ONE PER HOUSEHOLD (order more and I cancel em both)

This is the Variant edition pressing on Neon Green & Pink of some crazy sorts...


This release is also a first for the label, a 7" EP.    

All four songs were recorded and mastered just for this EP.  I learned about these guys from White Buffalo Woman and we started conversations a few months back.  Now it will all go down in history.

Band Bio:

As a child Andy Powder would find himself captured by the presence of sound. His first music lessons came from a crazed neighbor, Ed, who was infamous around town for having a screw loose. As he listened to his schizophrenic neighbor rant through music theory and history lessons, Andy soon learned guitar from Ed. He watched this madman eccentric become something otherworldly as he played any number of his instruments. Powder was not far behind; mimicking the noises by mouth, and pantomiming the art of playing. Not long after Ed had noticed Andy’s interest in music, Powder saved up enough money to by his first guitar. With the help of his neighbor and friends he would soon learn the beginning steps of what would be become his life’s focus.
The Drips are Taylor Harrington on Bass and Ian Abblett on drums, and when they get behind Powder it sounds something like 50's Rock & Roll dressed up with noise and gimmickry. However; to really understand Andy Powder & The Drips, you need to see a show!!!